Bitcoin cash fork what to expect

bitcoin cash fork what to expect › markets-update-all-eyes-on-bitcoin-cash-prices-befo. When I joined I didn't expect such a amazing result. This upgrade is expected to fork Bitcoin Cash out of two chains, BCHA (Bitcoin Cash ABC) and BCH. Bitcoin Cash is a proposal from the viaBTC mining pool and the Bitmain mining group to carry out a UAHF (User Activated Hard Fork) on August 1st pm.

Bitcoin cash fork what to expect

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Perhaps buying the rumour may worth it, although it may backfire too in case market prices begin going down. BTC Future Can you remember? Once we had conversation about this possible case of BCH in a discussion thread. I have never known what was the actual purpose to create BCH itself. Another critical phase is on the way to destroy BCH?

Anyway, the fact is that Bitcoin Cash was the result of what should have been consensus decision in about the scaling solution of Bitcoin. It is important to know that Roger Ver was a very influential figure in Bitcoin until around November when he sold most of his Bitcoins and pumped Bitcoin Cash.

Besides Roger Ver there were many that were supporting the scaling solution of increasing the block size. It was something that had been discussed a lot and proponents was Gavin Andresen Bitcoin dev that Satoshi trusted after he left , Coinbase exchange and many more.

I remember Andreas Antonopoulos explaining in a conference the need for scaling and how block size would keep rising and help Bitcoin become massively adopted. Yet the proposal that was accepted was Segwit which results in reduction of fees and the Lightning Network. Segwit was implemented in August and the same time Bitcoin Cash led by Roger Ver was created as a result of a chain-split. Eventually Bitcoin will only be used as method of purchases if the Lightning Network succeeds chances look better now than the beginning of the year and Bitcoin Cash while it is fast and fees are very low, still it is just another centralized cryptocurrency.

Well, core developers of BCH were admitted to claim like they have invented the most robust blockchain technology to solve the stability problem and hence is decentralized but whenever I trace the increasing full nodes for BCH, I never find the significant growth in number. Anyway, this is my personal opinion, anyone investing in BCH to have benefits, no offense. I think you are correct. Bitcoin Cash has proven that the people that were involved so far did not have interests to create a proper functioning decentralized blockchain and many of the investors in this coin have already abandoned it.

This is all about the money and to grab it as quickly as possible. A new currency could imply or incite the division of its investors and therefore the price of the currency or am I wrong? Bad news for those who keep their coins waiting for them to appreciate even more, if you had BCH, what would you do?

Would you sell before November 15 or would you rather wait for the storm to pass? If the Bitcoin gets another splitting moments, it will be having a big value but I think it will also be having a abnormal value movements that might affect the overall performance. Perhaps this split will help Bitcoin Cash to return strongly to the trading market because its stability for long periods at a specific range of price will reduce the number of traders for this currency, I am watching what will happen and trying to analyze it and we will see how this split will positively affect.

Bet Fury. Free BTC 1 Satoshi every day. Its a new opportunity to invest on a stable crypto currency you knows that BCH is a stable that never get lose in long term if any one is long term investor then he check this coin and this coin may affect the value of bitcoin cash we will see when introduce in market. Thanks Cryptotalk for teaching me about the cryptoworld. Now i am earning good earnings from internet. Special thanks to Bigpat for helping me.

Well, we are tired of new forks and new currencies without value every period in the market, we want something useful for society and not just a spread of currencies without a specific goal, a lot in the recent period have come to consider BCH as a mere scam, especially since its price does not increase with Bitcoin like it was during The old days. I think, after all, we can expect something like this, and this split will give us some understanding in the price adjustment.

I think there may be many factors at play, because at one point, this token can become very useful, and at another, useless. And so, the situation leaves much to be desired! I am not a supporter of the thorn that occurs in blockchain networks to produce a new currency because that often leads to a division of society and weakening of the power of the fragmentation, frankly, it becomes disturbing, every period of a new fork and a new currency and we do not know when we will stop it, so there is no point in separating and weakening Network security.

It never recovered either as other coins did. It will be even worse investment after this fork. The fork is getting closer and Bitcoin Cash did a small pump but I think that it will be dangerous to hold any of these coins right now. Most investors have left already and it may be just Roger Ver left right now. Deserved to meet this fate as it was just created with a false impression that it could scale while it was centralized behind bigger blocks.

Halving and splitting become necessary when price hits a certain point. Because it becomes difficult for different exchanges to transfer and convert those high price coins. I prefer to call it BCash which is probably the real name of this fake bitcoin fork that will once again fork and prove for th time that it was only a cashgrab scam and nothing else.

Another useless fork from Bitcoin Cash. Their forces now distribute and have to work more after split their cap will be down after split. There is interest from many about this chain split and a new coin will be created, we are maybe have too many and I am not known a lot yet but it will be that we have Bitcoin Cash and another that the name will be Bitcoin ABC and this will happen this month too.

This is interesting, I just read about this Bitcoin Cash fork in the crypto news and it looks that it will be a battle. Probably Ver side will win again but what happens if he loses? Bitcoin ABC takes over Bitcoin Cash like being the dominant chain and the other one will be the lesser chain that will split? Then Bicoin Cash will not be what Ver will have. It would be funny if something like that happened. I hope that everything will be fine and that whoever wins this battle it will be better for Bitcoin Cash.

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Bitcoin cash fork what to expect cashonline cc

The Bitcoin Cash price line receded on the 21st of August as major altcoins turned to the downside on the charts.

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bitcoin cash fork what to expect

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Why Did the Latest Bitcoin Cash Fork Turn Out Differently?

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